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Getting Rid of Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

Most women get stretch marks when they are pregnant. You will usually start getting stretch marks around 5-6 months depending on your body type and frame. The most common place to get stretch marks while pregnant is the butt, upper legs, hips, arms, back or breasts, but some women also get them on their calves and ankles.

Why you get Stretch Marks While You are PregnantPregnancy Stretch Marks

Once the skin breaks apart and causes a stretch mark there are only a few things you can do to treat it. These small tears are not painful but are very embarrassing.
A stretch mark is basically a miniature version of a scar. They come in multiple colors and can get up to 6 inches long. When you first get a stretch mark they are dark in color but they will fade a little in time.

The most common cause of pregnancy stretch marks is weight gain or if you are having twins or a very large baby. Preventing stretch marks are easy but once you have them you have to treat them, the sooner the better.

One trick to fighting stretch marks is using a super hydrating cream, lotion or oil that contains hyaluronic aciGet rid of stretch marks during pregnancyd to rebuild collagen and fade the marks. Other products that work well are emu oil based products like are Strimedix Shield and Cocoa Butter.

Vitamins C and E also help your skin retain its elasticity. Drink as much water as you can as well to keep hydrated.

If you do not get rid of stretch marks during pregnancy they will be very hard to get rid of once you loose your baby weight.

Most of the time they never go away completely, but over time using our stretch mark cream they will fade and lighten to the point that they are not noticeable.

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